Home Services

Home Staging: When selling your home, you only have one chance to make a great first impression!

  • Consultation –  A detailed room by room assessment/appraisal of the condition of the home giving recommendations for repairs, upgrading and layout to enhance the positive impact of the home upon prospective buyers.  Starting at $245.
  • Show Casing – Using the Homeowners furnishings and/or with our rental inventory, HomeReady will arrange the home to enhance the assets of the home to entice the prospective buyer in either occupied or vacant (unfurnished and not lived in)  homes.  The “Quick Fix” is an economical service rearranging the home following all repairs, updates and cleaning using only the Homeowners possessions.  Starting at $300.
  • Packing and Organizing – HomeReady will help with the organizing and packing of a home in preparation for presentation and moving.
  • Shopping Services – HomeReady will provide shopping services to the Homeowner to purchase just the right furnishing or accessory to enhance the desired lifestyle image.
  • Settling In – A concentrated “hands-on” consultation helping the homeowner arrange their new home to their comfort and satisfaction.
  • Garden Staging – Curb appeal is so important as what prospective buyers see from the outside is most often what brings prospective buyers to look at the inside.  HomeReady will ensure that the outside looks great.  Planting
    flowers/shrubs/planters to simple garden renovation may be all that is needed to say “come on in”!
  • Project Management – this service takes care of every step that is needed to ensure that the home is presented well when listed on the Real Estate market.
  • Divorce HomeStaging – Looking out for the Best Interest of the House™
  • E-Staging  NEW – For each room or open area of your house send in pictures from the entryway and each corner of the space you are interested in having staged.  In return you will receive a floor plan and recommendations regarding room layout of furnishings, editing, accessories, painting/flooring and other appropriate updates that will help you get that selling result you are hoping for!  Call now for payment options.  Call or email; 613-894-4155, .
  • Real Estate Agents – Ask about our Preferred Real Estate Agent Pricing.

Interior Redesign: These services look at rearranging, reusing and repurposing what you already may have along with updating your décor to find that look that says “This is my home!”

Now is the time to create the WOW – Let HomeReady show you HOW

  • Colour Consultation – HomeReady will help you choose the perfect colours for your home.  $125 per hour consultation.
  • Room Design and Layout Consultation – With simple computer drawn plans.
  • Redesign Implementation
  • Flooring and window treatments
  • Furniture refinishing and re-upholstery
  • Shopping for furnishings and finishes
  • Painting and minor repairs and updates
  • Garden Staging, Renovation and Maintenance.
  • Half Day and One Day Redesign Packages – Using all your own furnishings and accessories we will help you rearrange, reuse and repurpose what you have.  $350 and $600.

Please contact HomeReady Home Staging and Interior Redesign for a free quote on any of the listed services.