Home Staging Consultation

Room by room checklist – “Must-Do” List

When clients call, the first thing I recommend is completing a Home Staging Consultation.

A Home Staging Consultation helps the home owner assess the condition of their property both outside and in. The décor and esthetics are examined aiming to enhance the assets of the house and showcase a lifestyle image that many people aspire to so that buyers are immediately attracted to the property and this increases the likelihood of receiving an acceptable offer quickly. This is not a complicated process nor is it expensive.  As a Staging Professional my role in this process is to have the home owners escort me through the house and also outside whereby I make recommendations that will help the owners achieve the selling result they are hoping for. All recommendations are fully explained and backed up with expert theory and examples.  Home owners are invited to be a part of this exciting process and questions are most welcomed.  Often the session becomes quite collaborative.  I always state that I will make some very obvious comments so that I know my client home owners and I have the same understandings about various points.  Tact and diplomacy are most important when assessing someone else’s property and this builds trust and compliancy.  At the end of this “hands-on” Consultation, home owners have a good idea of what needs to be completed before the house is listed for sale and they have a written report to refer back to – a plan to be followed.  If working with a Real Estate Professional, they too will receive a copy of the home owners’ “Must-Do” List (for perfect presentation) so all are aware of the recommendations being made. Many home owners feel well equipped to carry out the recommendations themselves, but I do give suggestions for various trades to help out. Often home owners feel better having me back to rearrange some of the rooms and/or rent or purchase some artwork or a perfect accessory to give that bit of pizazz to enhance the look we are going for.  This “Quick-Fix” is like adding icing on the cake!

Although there are common points that all properties need to have addressed, each house is different and unique making this service to home selling clients most invaluable.  For more information about Home Staging Consultations or other Staging Services contact HomeReady Home Staging at 613-894-4155 or homeready@homereadyhomestaging.ca.

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