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My Kitchen Reno

I love my home but not the kitchen so we decided finally to proceed with my kitchen reno.  The original working U in the kitchen was way too tight to function well and forget about having 2 people in the space!  …

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Storage Cabinets/Closets

It is well known that most prospective Buyers value ample storage spaces. (Maybe this is one of the reasons you are moving!). If your house is somewhat lacking in this department, then paying attention to cabinets and closets is in…

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9 Daring Colours for your Front Door

I found an amazing article on Houzz and thought I would share it. Here is an excerpt: “I’m a firm believer that you can paint your front door just about any color you like and make it work. It’s all…

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Organize Your Closet

Many closets have had shelving installed which is a great idea for organizing.  However, many people don’t take advantage of really good organization possibilities of these spaces.  As you can see, items that are at the back and underneath each…

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Outdoor Living – Tips to Refresh Your Outdoor Patio

Here are some timely tips from two of our fav Brit guys! from Homesense.  Enjoy!

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Coat Hanger Christmas Wreath

I have finally found a use for those awful metal coat hangers to be fashioned into beautiful Christmas wreaths.  Last evening along with three other woman friends, I learned how to string fresh evergreen boughs together to make this full and…

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