So You Have Decluttered – Does This Mean Your House is Staged?

shutterstock_471846440Declutter seems to be the popular “buzz word” when it comes to the perception of what a staged house entails!  However, I have found that what this means greatly varies from person to person.  First of all, Staging a house for sale involves much more than having it decluttered!  Decluttering is only one of the many activities involved in staging a house so that it has that positive appeal to the buying public. And secondly, both clutter and decluttered mean different things to different people. When consulting with home sellers, defining some of these terms needs to be clearly spelled out so that what I mean as a Professional Home Stager holds the same meaning for the home seller.  Otherwise, recommendations can be misconstrued and perhaps fall short of what was meant resulting in homeowners not getting the selling results they were hoping for.  As a Professional Home Stager it is my responsibility to be as clear as possible defining terms for homeowners so that there is no confusion and that homeowners can be certain they are putting their best efforts forward and the best product on the market!

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